590 over 52 – LIVE

Infrared weekly photo project

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I am commencing a new photography project, titled “590 over 52”. The project is intended to showcase photographs taken around the 590nm mark of the visible spectrum (see my 2021 post [in a new tab] for info about my camera and a very simplified technical summary of infrared photography) and will feature fifty two of these images taken, one every week, over the coming year (i.e. 52 weeks).

I’ve owned an infrared-converted Nikon D3000 for about two and a half years now but, despite being one of the purchases I was most excited to make, it has been woefully under-used.

Black & White from Red All Over

Infrared images invariably require post-processing and the resulting images are very much the photographer’s or editor’s personal interpretation of the scene. For this project I have decided to make a simple stipulation, and that is to post only images that have been converted to black and white.

What to expect from this project

Lots of skies, most likely, but I also hope to experiment with architectural, environmental portraiture and fine art street photography. Since my infrared camera only has a 10 megapixel  CCD sensor, please don’t expect highly detailed images fit for poster-sized prints.

I’m open to the possibility of triggering spin-off projects, too. We’ll see where it leads. Please join me on this new photography journey! 🙂

Gallery: 590/52