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Super Macro

One of only two lenses that I chose to carry over from my DX to FX line-up is my Micro-Nikkor 40mm f/2.8 macro lens. At some point I may choose to find an alternative but I am able to shoot macro at least for the short term with this, despite its DX format. While the … Read more Super Macro

Changing Gear

For obvious reasons, caring for my dad in recent years had gradually become my main priority. As a consequence of that, my photographic output fell to an all-time low over the last couple of years and, particularly over the most recent winter months, even stopped completely.  Now, with Spring here and Summer on the way, … Read more Changing Gear

Seeing Red

My Infrared Photography – “IR590” Infrared photography is not to everyone’s taste. I have friends who even say they find infrared images “creepy”. Before getting started, I’ll address a common misnomer so that there’s no confusion. When most photographers, including me, refer to infrared photography,  we’re really referring to “near-infrared”. True infrared light is outside … Read more Seeing Red

Photo Mojo

Like many others, my photography goes through phases. Sometimes I’m prolific while other times I’m less so. Sometimes all I create are black and white images, while other times I make only landscape images, sometimes infrared or long exposure, and still others where I focus solely on macro or woodland, streams or waterfalls. There are … Read more Photo Mojo