Photography Project: p365-2022

Project ended early (197/365 days)
Read the details here.

p365-2022: Take a photo every day for a year and share it.

It’s twelve years since I last did a “p365”. On the first of January 2022, I began shooting a new 365 project. The rules for the project are as follows:

a) Images must be taken by me, or instigated by me. Self-timers, triggers etc. are permitted
b) Images may be from any camera or phone, digital or film
c) Images must be taken on the day
d) There are no restrictions on image processing, dodging/burning, conversion to B&W etc.
e) Focus stacking, multiple exposure and panoramas/composites are all permitted.
f) It is not necessary to upload every day, provided the images are posted sequentially and numbered accordingly

If you’re not familiar with the concept or purpose of photography projects, see my explanation here.